One name ... 3 words ... of a reality underpinning a philosophy

Workshop ... A place of reflection, exchange and creativity.

Also a place of administrative and technical management, it is the place where ideas come together and take shape. It is the place where our team's skills are gathered to respond to any building and infrastructure project but also to develop all the other concomitant aspects of our activity: from valuation to consultancy, from auditing to project ownership assistance, from measuring to spatial planning.

Architecture ... A passion that grows and grows

Our assignments are of various kinds and yet architecture is the driving force and the foundation of our profession. We therefore endeavour to create, develop and renovate spaces by combining aestheticism, functionality and personalised response; all by factoring in socioeconomic reality and environmental quality respectful of the Place and the Human features. We also draw on architecture to achieve the required reflection, sensitivity and rigour, the wealth of detail and the control of everything that is said and done. That is the way in which architecture makes it possible to go beyond a mere perception of the built form to open up to and encompass other disciplines.

Stability ... Foundation for sustainability

Serious and conscientious, we develop what is within our command and we command what we develop. In this way, the team composing the workshop is multidisciplinary, purposefully all-purpose and unreservedly open to specialised preferred partners. The skills of some are the benchmarks for others embracing a collective working spirit aimed at serving mutual interest.

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